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We at Jadon Technologies provide the customized web based marketing services and Database Management services. Our customised web based Marketing Services and Data base Management services will help you to generate revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and create a closed-loop information system by using our integrated services and technology. Leveraging customer information obtained from our customer care and technical support services enables our clients to offer products and services tailored to each client's unique needs.

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Data base management services
We specialize in building business models, such as retention, cross-sell and response models. We offers analyses that show customer behavior from every marketing channel-Web, direct marketing, sales, call centers and operations

Data Mining
We can collect input from a variety of sources and submit these data to statistical analysis using sophisticated quantitative techniques by creating an optimization model and algorithm, which can identify shared characteristics.

Data Enhancement
From outside sources, we can append demographics and lifestyle information to create profiles of prescription and/or buying habits of consumers and Physicians.

Data Clean Up
Our programs can detect duplicates or problem records. We run tests against the data looking for problems.

Web surveys
We undertake customized survey for you based on your needs. Assisting you in making profitable connections with customers. With our extensive services you'll discover how to use customer information to gain marketing insights and competitive advantage.

Email Management
We provide customize service in Handling of incoming and outgoing email for business or other organizational needs.

Data Entry
Is an exact science for us, accurate input is essential. Customized data entry screens with proper parameters in place result in fewer corrections. Quality checks are done on-line and off-line based on pre-determined comparisons and checks.

Email Marketing Campaigns
Email marketing is a unique medium that allows our client to engage their customers and prospects with regular communication, that is personalized, relevant and anticipated. Email marketing can help change prospects into long-term, profitable customers.

We at Jadon Technologies believe in working together with our customer and bring to them cost effective solutions. Get in touch with us today to find out more on how we can help you.
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