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For thousands of prospective buyers that see your company on the Internet your web site delivers the critical "first impression" of your company. Hire Jadon Technologies and you can have a great looking web site that will put you a cut above your competitors with online control panel.

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If you already have a website and just want to maintain it your own whatever it may be, like updating news section, members, contents like celebrity chat, message board...just name anything. Basic idea is to converting a simple site (with database or without) in a more lucrative and easy way to update online yourself without paying the updating or maintenance charges. Check out cool features with online control panel for updating Massage Board, News, Delete & Modify the Buyer sellers, Change celebrity chat sections, Delete & Modify listings online, Change categories of Sellers/Buyers and many more features so that you maintain your Website/Portal online your self.

B2B - B2C

B2B web application are the platform for two or more business community to boost and promote each others business interests. Like Product Showcase etc. B2C are the platform which basically a interface between the Company and the real customer or the end user for any product or service. Like Shopping Mall/Cart etc.

Portal and E-commerce
Already have a website and just want to add e-commerce? Need a full-featured catalog and shopping cart, along with real-time credit card processing? Blackberry Technologies, the ideal way to add e-commerce to your existing or new website. Portals Like online Shopping Cart demonstrating products, including facility to virtually pick-up and keep products, auto calculation and online payment through Credit Card via Secured Services.
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